Are you a purpose-driven aspiring author who deeply desires to empower and or inspire others through your message but not sure where to start? Do you desire to maximize your message & make a greater impact? Do you want to self-publish and own 100% of your work but don't know how? Maybe you are in the midst of writing your book but not sure what to do next. No need to worry, we've got you covered! 



RRE BIRTHING CENTER is the right place to give birth 2 your book.  You no longer have to feel overwhelmed or be fearful of Writer's Block. We have designed a simple step by step system with the aspiring author in mind. Writing, Publishing & Selling just got easier. Now you will have a virtual team full of experience and expertise at your fingertips working for you and with you, streamlining the process on your behalf when you work with RRE Birthing Center Midwives through this program. Our experience covers how-to, self-help, personal development, spiritual (religious) empowerment, memoirs, fiction, journals, workbooks, handbooks, and manuals. 


We understand that every author is different, that's why we provide 3 different timeline options for our program. You can publish in 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months. Now you can get everything you need to write, publish & sell your books all in one place. Plus you will have a Lifetime access to the program to use over and over again as you move forward to publish more books!

You own and control 100% of your work

In our Give Birth 2 Your Book Coaching Program we take you from start to finish!

Learn how to craft a memorable message, cultivate your development as an Author and much more. Now everything you need to publish your book is in one place, save time & money.

At the end of this program, you will have a custom-designed website, set up for pre-orders, you will have a paperback version, e-book version of your book, a book strategy selling plan, and book promotional marketing items. You will have unique messaging, the skills and tools that help set you apart as an author which helps aid you in selling books.

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